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Ningbo Bethlehem attend the Canton Fair

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Ningbo Bethlehem attend the Canton Fair

April  23 the 129th China Import and Export Fair in China Guangzhou Import and Export Fair Pavilion, come to a successful hold.

The Canton Fair is a trade fair held in the spring and autumn seasons each year since the spring of 1957 in Guangzhou, China.   Its full name since 2007 is the Chinese Import and Export Commodities Fair  renamed from Chinese Export Commodities Fair .   It is the largest trade fair in China .   Among China's largest trade fairs, it has the largest assortment of products, the highest attendance, and the largest number of business deals made at the fair.   Like many trade fairs it has several traditions and functions as a comprehensive event of international importance.

The Ningbo Bethlehem carefully prepared, with a quality product, has attracted many domestic and foreign businessmen gathered to watch and consultation to discuss. A great number of customer satisfaction and  reached purchases intention. It is a harvest tour. The exhibition, sold all Ningbo Bethlehem exhibition product, and we also brought back a lot of advice from end users and dealers invaluable.





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